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StreetEagle FAQs

The driver can easily change their status within the Garmin. The status update will be communicated to StreetEagle for reporting. More information can be found on page 77 of the user’s manual.
You can easily send a message to your fleet through the Garmin from StreetEagle. Detailed information can be found on pages 70 – 77 of the user’s manual.
Yes, StreetEagle offers the ability to see a breadcrumb trail on a map for a specific time and date.

Yes. InSight USA offers an "all you can eat" program where you purchase the hardware and software to access the servers with no monthly access fees, ever. In addition, InSight USA has the enterprise solution for large fleets over 100 units.

Yes, StreetEagle GPS offers geo-fence, speeding and idling alerts. In addition, StreetEagle also offers motion alerts, first movement of the day alerts, PTO activation alerts, analog sensor alerts, tampering alerts and long stop alerts. Details can be found here.

No. The information is stored on the server for easy access whenever administration wants to access it. Many of our customers will create a report for each driver at the end of each day and attach to paperwork

You can use your smartphone or tablet device to access StreetEagle web and have full access to your fleet monitoring system on the go.
You can easily add locations through StreetEagle. Click on the Locations button in StreetEagle, select add and follow the wizard to add the location’s information. More information can be found on page 60 of the user’s manual found here.
You can easily see details of an alert by right-clicking on the vehicle in the vehicles monitor and choose Show History from the menu. For step by step directions, the user’s manual can be found here.

Knowing exactly where vehicles are provides you with an enormous opportunity to increase productivity. Decrease vehicle maintenance costs by eliminating excessive idling, speeding, and any other unauthorized vehicle use. Analyze your fleet’s actual job time through StreetEagle Business Intelligence Reporting, to eliminate employee down time. Many of our customers are realizing a minimum of four hours saved per month per vehicle! StreetEagle's routing and dispatching capabilities allow you to quickly respond to a service call or an emergency.

The standard automatic vehicle location tracking rate is 2 minute updates while in transit and 5 minutes when stopped. These updates can be increased with an optional upgrade. The fastest available update speed through StreetEagle is 10 seconds in transit and 1 minute when stopped.
With Garmin integration, the speeding alerts are triggered by posted speed limits. Otherwise, the speeding alert is triggered by a speed set by you in StreetEagle.

Absolutely nothing! Out of sight, out of mind. The hardware can be installed under a dash, behind a seat and never has to be touched once it is activated.

The virtual time clock summary gives you time accounting based on location types. There are preset location types such as residential and commercial and you have the ability to add custom location types. This gives you indisputable evidence of time at job sites.
StreetEagle Garmin dispatch gives the driver the ability to update job statuses, remotely punch the time clock, send quick messages and send 2-way messages back and forth to the dispatcher. The dispatcher has the ability to send routes and job updates to the driver over the air. Click herefor more information see.

Not sure if StreetEagle is worth the investment? We understand your caution in purchasing new technologies, so we have established a Pilot Program, which allows you to "try before you buy". You make no long-term commitment and have no upfront investment for hardware. This allows you to use StreetEagle vehicle tracking in one of your own vehicles, within your own operation and make an intelligent buying decision. If you decide to purchase StreetEagle after trying it out, we will credit you 50% of the monthly fees you have already paid towards the purchase of our hardware! A totally risk free way to test one of today's most advanced vehicle tracking technologies on your home turf!

The StreetEagle Vehicle Tracking Unit (VTU) comes with a lifetime warranty for our subscribers. If there is ever a problem with the unit, InSight USA will replace the box at no charge. The customer also receives software support including free upgrades to the StreetEagle software.

StreetEagle is in collaboration with an array of mapping software including Microsoft MapPoint, Bing Mapping, Google Maps, Google Earth, and Microsoft Virtual Earth. These full featured GPS Mapping applications along with StreetEagle collaborate to create the forerunner in vehicle routing, dispatching, reporting, and providing detailed vehicle location services. StreetEagle is also fully integrated with GIS mapping applications including ESRI GIS overlay and MapFrame Maps.

StreetEagle is constantly updating the integrated Garmin list. Currently we are fully integrated with the dezl series and the nuvi 12XX, 13XX, 14XX, 22XX, 23XX, 24XX, 2XX5 and 465 series. click here for a updated list.
StreetEagle offers a wide range of reporting to meet all your mobile workforce needs. The available reporting in StreetEagle includes : complete activity report, vehicle idling report, vehicle speeding report, geographic analysis report, vehicle usage, state-by-state fuel tax mileage report, vehicle park/stop report, vehicle maintenance management report and inactive vehicle report. The advanced management reports available include: PTO sensor/proof of service report, job time report, collection report, virtual time clock report, detailed vehicle report and fleet summary report.

StreetEagle GPS Tracking locates your vehicles virtually anywhere. For your system to report in "real-time", you must be located within your service provider's cellular coverage. If out of coverage, StreetEagle stores the location data and forwards it once cellular service has been recovered. Through 1xRTT and GPRS cellular data communications, your systems cellular coverage provides a widely extensive range to ensure "real-time" GPS Tracking. For StreetEagle Satellite Tracking, your system can be located world-wide!

StreetEagle GPS Tracking Systems provide the latest technology in GPS communications combined with full featured GPS mapping and advanced business management analysis. With our "real-time" 2 minute vehicle reporting updates, you have complete control of your fleet's adherence to assignments. StreetEagle's Business Intelligence Reporting provides you with the utilities needed to closely analyze your company's true productivity and in turn, your long term increase in profitability.

Yes, StreetEagle offers easy integration into your existing office software. Send work order information, job locations, and service routes directly from your Schedule Dispatch software directly to the in vehicle Garmin navigation unit, and have your field workers update their job status directly to the dispatch board.
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