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Press Release

StreetEagle Loceight - GPS Asset Tracking 

InSight USA Launches StreetEagle Loceight GPS Asset Tracking Solutions for Heavy Equipment, Freight, Trailers, and Cargo. - InSight USA announces the release of StreetEagle Loceight GPS Asset Tracking a Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution dedicated to reliable worldwide GPS tracking of assets, cargo, freight, trailers, and heavy equipment.

California, MD - May 21, 2009- InSight USA, a leader in providing advanced GPS tracking solutions announces the release of their latest solution, StreetEagle Loceight. The Loceight GPS asset tracking solution allows business and government agencies to manage and monitor their mobile assets with real-time location updates, engine operating time statistics, and accumulated systems operating time for complete management, maintenance, and analysis.

“InSight USA introduces an exciting new offering to organizations in need of tracking and management for both vehicles and assets.” Says John Eller, President of InSight USA. “At nearly half the price point of competitive solutions and flexible monthly service packages to fit any need, StreetEagle Loceight stands alone in terms of affordability and functionality.”

StreetEagle Loceight is a web-based, real-time tracking solution now included in the StreetEagle product line of best-in-class GPS tracking solutions. StreetEagle Loceight provides the most cost effective GPS asset tracking solution available today by utilizing Axonn LLC’s line of next generation hardware platforms and Globalstar Inc’s Simplex Satellite Data Network. StreetEagle Loceight offers a wide range of tracking services to accommodate the needs of any organization with a variety of assets and vehicles.

Offering next generation hardware and software technology, StreetEagle Loceight provides:

  • Two fully ruggedized hardware options
  • Long-term battery life - up to 10 years
  • Full satellite communications using the Globalstar Simplex Network
  • Asset Systems Monitoring for Maintenance and Analysis
  • Motion detection and reporting
  • Geofencing and monitoring alerts
  • Hybrid software solution, StreetEagle Professional, to manage both vehicles and assets

Visit the StreetEagle Loceight website at www.gps-asset-tracking.com to learn more about the asset tracking solutions InSight USA has to offer.

About InSight USA
Founded in 1998, InSight USA was among the first companies to pioneer GPS Tracking. With tens of thousands of installations worldwide, InSight USA’s StreetEagle? product line has become recognized as one of the most versatile GPS Tracking solutions on the market today. Offering both hosted and Enterprise systems, StreetEagle can meet the needs of any size fleet and budget. With tailored solutions for the Utility, Transportation, and Distribution industries, InSight USA takes the next step with StreetEagle Loceight. To learn more about StreetEagle Loceight visit http://www.gps-asset-tracking.com

About Axonn LLC
Axonn LLC has been committed to the research and development of satellite hardware for the management of fixed and mobile assets since 1985. As an exclusive provider of hardware for the Globalstar Simplex Data Network, there are currently over 150,000 Axonn products in operation worldwide by industrial, commercial and government customers. For more information, visit www.axonn.com


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Teressa Egan

Marketing Coordinator

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