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Press Release

StreetEagle Integrates with FASTTRAK Livery Systems 

InSight USA Integrates with FASTTRAK® Livery Systems to Deliver Advanced Management Software to the Limousine Industry- InSight USA announces the release of the seamless integration with FASTTRAK Livery Systems for the Limousine Industry. The integration combines StreetEagle an advanced GPS Fleet Tracking and Navigation solution with FASTTRAK Livery Management Software.

California, MD (PRWEB) May 14, 2009 --InSight USA, announces that it has partnered with FASTTRAK Livery Systems to provide an integrated solution that combines StreetEagle GPS tracking, in-vehicle navigation, and “Driver Status” updates with FASTTRAK’s on-line reservations, dispatching and accounting system, enabling customers to further enhance their customer service and overall productivity.

With the capabilities provided in this integrated solution, limousine drivers are able to send real-time “driver status” updates via the in-vehicle Garmin navigation unit directly to dispatch within the FASTTRAK software. The “Driver Status” options provide dispatch with the vehicles status in the field, including ‘stuck in traffic’, ‘en-route’, ‘on location’, ‘passenger on board/dropped’, etc. These statuses are also updated into the FASTTRAK back office accounting system; this allows customers to provide accurate pick-up and drop-off information to their client to eliminate any customer disputes and enhances overall customer satisfaction.

“This integration continues our commitment to our users to supply them with a variety of sources to enhance their business volumes and contain costs in this precarious economic time. The StreetEagle offering brings our clients the advantage of verifying payroll time worked, proof of service and vehicle accountability while providing actual client times in car and reducing vehicle operating costs.” Said Eddie McCoy, CEO of FASTTRAK. “This integration further enhances our capabilities to provide our clients with a cost effective and competitive in-vehicle device to provide automated dispatch for our clients.”

Randy Allen, Owner of James Limousine, a leading provider of professional ground transportation said, “We eagerly agreed to serve as the customer beta test site for the integration between Street Eagle and FASTTRAK because we clearly understood the benefits of having the two systems work together. The integration has been working flawlessly providing us with the capabilities to minimize passenger disruptions and increase our overall customer service.”

Along with the added functionality in FASTTRAK Livery Systems, InSight USA’s StreetEagle GPS limousine tracking provides customers with the ability to view vehicle locations in real-time, send routes directly to the driver’s in-vehicle Garmin navigation unit, run detailed reports of vehicle activity, and receive alerts via e-mail or text message all within the StreetEagle software.

“The integration of StreetEagle GPS tracking with FASTTRAK provides customers in the Limousine Industry with one of the most advanced mobile workforce management systems available today, and at a truly exceptional value.” Said John Eller, President of InSight USA.

About InSight USA

An early pioneer in GPS fleet tracking, InSight USA was founded in 1998 with the mission of making innovative advances in GPS technology as profitable fleet business solutions. Recognized as one of the most capable GPS tracking systems on the market today, our flagship StreetEagle system currently serves thousands of satisfied fleet-based businesses around the world. InSight USA is headquartered in California, Maryland, with a dealer network that spans the United States. For more information about InSight USA, StreetEagle or the benefits of a high quality GPS fleet tracking solution, visit us on the Web or call us at (301) 866-1990.

About FASTTRAK® Livery Systems

FASTTRAK is the Livery Industry’s leading supplier of comprehensive Microsoft Windows® Management Software with over 650 installations and 4000 users throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Egypt, Italy, Dubai, Kazakhstan and China. FASTTRAK delivers products for the Limousine, Casino, Hotel and Resort markets offering complete in-office booking management software and on-line travel management tools serving corporations around the Globe. For more information about FASTTRAK, visit online at www.MyFASTTRAK.com or call 800-533-6440.

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