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Press Release

StreetEagle Bus 

StreetEagle Bus from InSight USA Launches GPS Tracking Solution for Fixed-Route Bus Systems - InSight USA announces the launch of the company's revolutionary tracking solution for fixed-route bus systems. This solution combines GPS bus fleet tracking with passenger information, passenger counting, and dispatcher to driver messaging to optimize route efficiency and rider accessibility.

California, MD September 15, 2008 - InSight USA, a leader in GPS fleet tracking announces the release of StreetEagle Bus, an advanced solution engineered for real-time management of fixed-route bus systems using GPS technology. StreetEagle Bus provides innovative capabilities to significantly improve fleet efficiency, reduce operation costs, ensure passenger safety, provide riders with real-time bus locations, and facilitate seamless communications between dispatch and drivers.

InSight USA is partnered with Solstice Transportation Group, an industry accredited company dedicated to optimization of passenger transportation bus services. Solstice Transportation's flagship product, Fleet Tech Manager, provides "hands-free" reporting and analysis that allows fleet managers to directly reduce fleet operating costs and maximize fleet utilization.

By lowering the price bar, small bus system operators can now share the same advantages of GPS tracking and passenger information as their large bus system counterparts.

"StreetEagle, from Insight USA, is one of the most forward thinking and innovative tools on the market for advanced GPS fleet tracking." Said Mitch Skyer, President, Solstice Transportation Group. "We now have a robust solution to provide to our bus passenger transportation customers who need actionable information and customer focused technology supporting their transit systems."

InSight USA and Solstice Transportation Consulting will showcase StreetEagle Bus at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Expo in San Diego, California: October 6th - 8th, 2008.

StreetEagle Bus provides riders with real-time bus location information through standard text messaging on their cell phones. This allows riders to reduce waiting time and determine the most time-efficient mode of transportation. StreetEagle Bus optimizes rider accessibility to the bus system by equipping each bus stop with the text message address, bus stop ID number, and URL for web access to bus locations.

"The release of StreetEagle Bus provides an innovative, cost effective solution for small public bus system operators and their rider-ship." Said John Eller, President of InSight USA, Inc. "By lowering the price bar, small bus system operators can now share the same advantages of GPS tracking and passenger information as their large bus system counterparts."

Additional features and benefits for StreetEagle Bus:

  • Passenger count information for each stop and route segment. This feature integrates seamlessly with existing automated passenger counting systems
  • Two-way messaging between bus dispatch and drivers using Garmin navigation devices. Dispatch can also re-route buses around traffic, road congestion, accidents, and to safe zones in emergency situations.
  • Bus maintenance module allows fleet owners to easily monitor and manage maintenance schedules of replacement items such as oil changes, transmission service, tires, inspections, brakes, etc.
  • About InSight USA, Inc.

    Founded in 1998, InSight USA was among the first companies to pioneer GPS Tracking. With tens of thousands of installations worldwide, Insight's StreetEagle product line has become recognized as one of the most versatile GPS Tracking solutions on the market today. Offering both hosted and Enterprise systems, StreetEagle can meet the needs of any size fleet and budget. With tailored solutions for the Utility, Transportation, and Distribution industries, InSight USA takes the next step with StreetEagle Bus. To learn more about StreetEagle visit http://www.mds-inc.com

    About Solstice Transportation Group

    Solstice Transportation Group provides mission critical technology, processes, and information to organizations who must transport employees and passengers in vehicles. We meet our customer's transit needs through our four divisions; Bus Passenger Transportation Operations Consulting (Routing, Planning, Scheduling, Design, and Implementation of Bus Passenger Systems), Fleet Tech Manager™ (Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking and Vehicle Inspection Technology and Reporting), TROPCS-IQ™ (Transit Operator Customer Service IQ Training), and Electronic Passenger Intelligence Technology Solutions (Custom Solutions for Detailed Bus Passenger Counting, Identification and Verification). We have the capabilities, processes, and expertise to deliver the insight needed to manage fleet resources and the knowledge required to build and manage passenger bus operations. To learn more about Solstice Transportation Group, please visit http://www.solsticetransportationgroup.com

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    Teressa Egan
    Marketing Coordinator

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