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Productivity Benefits Across the Board

Our StreetEagle Tracking Solutions provide the actionable information you need to improve operations and profitability across the board.  See how users and owners directly benefit in their respective company roles.

  • Business Owners

    Users of StreetEagle improve competitiveness, customer service and retention while increasing profitability and company valuation.
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  • Supervisors

    StreetEagle Tracking Solutions take the guesswork out of managing your mobile workforce.
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  • Fleet Managers

    StreetEagle allows you to improve the safety of your fleet by automating fleet maintenance because responsible drivers keep your vehicles on the road longer.
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  • Dispatchers

    StreetEagle allows dispatchers to have knowledge of all the vehicles in the organizational fleet at any time.
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  • Drivers

    Eliminate the need for bulky maps and slow response times by adding a Garmin navigation unit that can be utilized to direct drivers to their destinations.
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  • Service Technicians

    StreetEagle's management tools provide the capabilities needed to route and schedule daily service calls allowing technicians.
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  • Time Accounting

    Are you tired of questioning your drivers and technicians for timecards accuracy? With StreetEagle, validating payroll hours and customer billing has never been easier.
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  • Customer Service

    With StreetEagle, providing customers with the information they need around the clock is easy as a click of a mouse.
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  • IT Managers

    StreetEagle's system architecture was designed to accommodate any and all hosting scenarios.
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  • Application Integrators

    Our Web Services API makes application integration easy. Gain direct access to your data from the StreetEagle AVL servers.
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