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Guardian EMS Case Study

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Guardian EMS Case Study

About the Company

Company Name: Guardian EMS

Location: Columbus, Texas

Industry: Emergency Medical Response

Fleet Size 118

Established in 2000, Guardian EMS specializes in providing quality Emergency Medical Services to rural communities across the state of Texas. Guardian EMS is dedicated to providing excellent patient care, customer service, and customer satisfaction. We presently provide services to hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, medical centers, as well as private residents for all ambulance transports. Being the only 911 EMS provider to over 275,000 people throughout the state of Texas, Guardian EMS responds to over 30,000 requests annually.

Business Challenge

The company’s dedication to provide re-liable customer service and patient care is the cornerstone to their success. As Guardian EMS expanded, they wanted to consolidate their five local dispatch centers to one regional dispatch center for their fleet of 48 vehicles. In addition, they wanted to decrease their response times and pro¬vide the best possible customer service. Guardian EMS knew they needed a more efficient way to dispatch, route, and track their vehicles to accomplish their objectives. The major challenges the company faced included:

  • Response Times: Without having accur¬ate location addresses, drivers were spending an inadequate amount of time off -route, on the phone with dispatch or using a map to fi nd directions to a patient’s location. While their response times were adequate, Guardian EMS wanted to improve in their dispatching and routing significantly.
  • Inefficient Dispatching: Consolidating the dispatch centers decreased the number of dispatchers needed for Guardian EMS’s ambulance fleet. How¬ever the company was concerned with the increased dispatcher workload with out having the ability to know the exact location of the ambulances at all times. Unknown Ambulance Locations: With¬out being able to visibly track their am-bulances, Guardian EMS had to rely on their drivers to provide accurate ambul-ance locations. The dispatch team was wasting too much time trying to locate the closest vehicle to a patient’s location.
  • Limited Communications Coverage: Guardian’s two-way radio system cover-age was unable to keep pace with their expanding Emergency Response coverage in rural areas.

Guardian EMS knew that they needed GPS vehicle tracking and in-vehicle navi-gation to improve their overall dispatch and routing effi ciency. The company’s management also knew they needed a system that would seamlessly integrate with their current Computer Aided Dis-patching (CAD) system, Medical Res-ponse Emergency Software (M RES.)


Guardian EMS evaluated many GPS tracking solutions before deciding to pur-chase StreetEagle integrated with Garmin Personal Navigation Devices (PN D’s). This system gave Guardian EMS the ability to track, route, and navigate their fleet in an all in one package. Using StreetEagle with Garmin Nuvi 350’s allowed the company to:

  • Track and Locate Vehicles: StreetEagle’s real-time tracking ability allows the dispatch team to track and locate the closest avail¬able vehicle to the patient location. With the company’s growing emergency response coverage area, finding the closest ambul¬ance to the patient location is critical. Dispatchers now have accurate, real-time location information at their fi ngertips for more efficient dispatching and in turn, opti¬mal response times.
  • Navigate Drivers: The integrated Street¬Eagle/invehicle Garmin PND solution allows dispatchers to push response locations directly to the drivers fromthe MRES CAD software. Drivers no longer have to fumble for maps to fi nd exact directions or spend time on the radio with dispatch. An accurate address is entered into the StreetEagle Software, validated and corrected by the dispatcher as required, and sent directly to the in-vehicle Garmin PND to navigate the drivers along the fastest route to an emer¬gency response location.
  • Communicate with Drivers: Dispatchers are able to send messages directly to drivers on the in-vehicle Garmin PND, allowing Guardian EMS to provide their drivers with important information about their patients using a private messaging system instead of sending a message over a radio frequency. This allows the dispatchers to practice pat¬ient confidentiality and provide crew safety.

The decision to purchase StreetEagle GPS with Garmin PND’s proved to be the right one for Guardian EMS. They have improved their dispatching and response times signifi cantly. Allowing dispatch to locate the closest vehicle to the scene/patient and push exact directions to the in-vehicle Garmin navigation device, drivers have the quickest route to the location. The system not only provided the dispatch team with the valuable information they needed to improve customer service, but Guardian EMS is now able to monitor driving behavior to improve driver safety, reduce vehicle idling to lower fuel costs, and improve overall workforce effi ciency with many other added features that the StreetEagle GPS Tracking system offers.


“Deploying StreetEagle GPS Tracking with the integrated Garmin Nuvi 350’s was a very smart decision. This has allowed us to consolidate our dispatching and reduce the dispatchers’ workload, all while reducing emergency response times and improving customer service. Re¬ducing fleet operating costs by improving driver behavior was an unexpected benefit that will more than pay for the system this year.”

Rick Powell, CEO

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