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Browse the latest mobile workforce management solutions from InSight

InSight is committed to innovation. We are constantly improving and adding to the fully integrated and configurable StreetEagle Tracking Solutions platform to maximize our customers’ ROI.

Keep checking this page for newly available features and additions, developed in response to the changing needs of organizations managing mobile workforces.

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Dynamic Dispatch

Mobile workers equipped with smartphones or tablets can receive critical job information, login and out, route to next assignments and communicate instantly with the back office through StreetEagle’s new dynamic dispatching capabilities.

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Driver Behavior

The number one cause of accidents for commercial fleets is driver behavior. StreetEagle gives you the tools to measure on potentially risky driving behaviors like speeding, idling, hard braking, sudden acceleration and sharp cornering – and generate reports to evaluate performance against accepted company benchmarks.

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RouteOp (Route Optimization)

StreetEagle (in partnership with Viamente) has developed a fully automated route optimization solution that literally reduces hours of route planning and assignment to seconds – and delivers tangible and immediate ROI in the form of minimized driving time, fuel savings, reduced insurance premiums and balanced workloads.

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Mobile Timeclock

InSight’s mobile worker apps for smartphones and tablets offer, among many other asset and job management features, an intuitive mobile time clock that allows users to clock in and out from wherever they are, and associate themselves with any vehicle.

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Fuel Card

InSight and US Bank have partnered to offer fuel purchasing via the Voyager fleet card. Users can monitor not only time and location of fuel purchases, but can also validate that they’re being associated with company vehicles – and collect important data on fuel economy as well. Protect yourself from fuel theft, and manage fuel expenditures as well, through one integrated solution.

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JBus Vehicle Diagnostics

A vehicle diagnostics solution for heavy duty vehicles that host a J1708 or J1939 data bus. It collects critical vehicle performance data such as true odometer readings, fuel economy, engine service codes, fluid temperatures, and other information required for any fleet maintenance program.

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Driver ID

The ability to identify and monitor individual driver activities, separately from the vehicles they may be assigned to, is a “must have” for dynamic field service and dispatch environments. StreetEagle gives you that ability, and extends it to our mobile apps so that drivers can instantly communicate not just location, but their own status and vehicle assignments, to the back office instantly.

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Mobile Maintenance

The Mobile Maintenance feature allows drivers to enter and log service items as they're performed using the StreetEagle Utility app for smartphones and tablets. Users can mark scheduled service items as complete, view the status for scheduled maintenance, log new maintenance as needed, and more.

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Mobility Solutions

The efficiencies gained from mobile workers accessing and communicating job-specific data via a smartphone or tablet result in a vastly improved experience for both your customers and your employees. StreetEagle offers a complete, secure set of mobility tools designed to transform the way your mobile and office workers share information.

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Electronic Logbooks

InSight Mobile Data has partnered with Verigo Inc., the company that first brought electronic driver logs to market back in 2006, to provide a completely paperless, automated and compliant way for your drivers to electronically submit both Hours of Service and vehicle inspection data.

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