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Glossary of Terms

GPS Tracker  

A GPS tracker installed inside of a vehicle can monitor a wide variety of activity in addition to location. When used with GPS tracking software--such as the StreetEagle program found on this website--a wealth of information on a mobile workforce can be viewed from any internet-connected computer. Details a GPS tracker can provide include a car's speed, direction, and it's stop/idle status.

The most affordable match for our StreetEagle tracking software is the StreetEagle VTU, or vehicle tracking unit. This device uses the all-digital 1XRTT network to provide real-time tracking (as frequent as every 30 seconds) of position, speed, direction, and time. However, the StreetEagle VTU is by no means your only option for GPS tracking hardware at InSight USA. 

Available here is a wide range of GPS trackers perfectly suited to our StreetEagle software. Units available utilize the CDMA 1XRTT, GPRS, GSM, IDEN, and InmarsatC networks, ensuring virtually every organization or business can incorporate a device into their current network. In addition, we have an array of StreetEagle software packages and service plans to fit any size company and budget. 

With so many options available, we understand it can be difficult to narrow down the options to your suit your needs. For additional help or guidance, we encourage you to visit our Information Request page. From there, we ask that you fill out the brief form with your company's specifics and we'll contact you shortly with a price quote or scheduled time for an online demonstration of our products.

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