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Smart Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

With over a decade of experience in implementing fleet and asset tracking systems, and thousands of installations worldwide, InSight Mobile Data understands the specific management needs of a variety of different industries. Whether your need is time accountability, proof of service, reduced vehicle operation costs, or improving customer service, our StreetEagle Tracking Solutions provide you with the specific information you need. InSight has tailored solutions for industries such as waste management, EMS, Transit, Mechanical Services, and more.

  • Limousine

    Increased driver accountability allows for improved customer service and comfort, while ensuring safe practices and proper utilization of your vehicles.
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  • Waste Management

    Drastically improve your bottom line and ensure five-star customer service by providing accountability and assurances to you and your customers.
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  • EMS

    Optimum dispatching and navigation reduces response times, ensures prompt emergency services, and allows for timely patient transport. 
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  • Bus-Transit

    Real-time visibility of your fixed-route bus system ensures on-time servicing and provides your ridership the convenience of knowing when their bus will arrive.
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  • Mechanical Services

    Increased accountability with StreetEagle significantly reduces overtime and labor costs, while increasing billable time at job locations.
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  • Distribution & Delivery

    Rapid and efficient turnaround at warehouses and delivery locations means less wasted time and reduced overtime.
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  • Public Works

    Real-time accountability of your mobile workforce, vehicles, and equipment with StreetEagle provides the visibility needed to insure efficient and productive operations. Learn More »

  • Utilities

    Rapid, optimized dispatching to outages and emergencies is only possible when you know where your mobile crews and assets really are. 
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  • Towing

    Managing jobs and providing quick dispatching to your to your fleet is essential in ensuring speedy service and optimum customer satisfaction.  
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  • Public Safety

    Being able to account for the location and status of your Officers in real-time is essential in providing the most reliable service and response times to your citizens. Learn More »

  • Telecommunications

    Realtime visibility into your mobile workforce significantly increases technician safety in the field and optimizes recourse to emergency/ outage situations.
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  • Oil & Gas

    Real-time visibility of your mobile resources provides instant accountability of your workforce and ensures efficient organization of your mobile assets.
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  • Construction

    Increased workforce accountability ensures optimum productivity, accurate job costing, validated timesheets, and proper utilization of vehicles.
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  • Agriculture

    Real-time management of your mobile resources ensures timely service, validated customer billing, and optimum security of your high-valued assets.
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  • Other

    No two industries are alike. Yet many challenges that one industry may face could also be the same challenges that your business faces. Do you share the same goals?
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