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Agriculture Related Industries and GPS Tracking

Real-time management of your mobile resources ensures timely service, validated customer billing, and optimum security of your high-valued assets. With StreetEagle, business managers have the tools and resources needed to:

  • Real-time accountability of your mobile workforce – vehicles, workers, equipment, and assets 
  • Verify equipment usage with on-board runtime monitoring for accurate billing 
  • Dispatch your drivers to actual equipment pickup / delivery locations with StreetEagle Dispatch
  • Improve customer satisfaction with on-time delivery and servicing 
  • Reduce loss by locating equipment and assets 
  • Avoid downtime and unforeseen repairs with scheduled maintenance alerts and reports for your fleet of vehicles, heavy equipment, and mobile assets  
  • Three stage maintenance alerts and reports for servicing your agricultural equipment 
  • Track your vehicles, equipment, and assets in remote areas with StreetEagle Loceight satellite based products

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