Telecommunications and GPS Tracking

Realtime visibility into your mobile workforce significantly increases productivity and reduces excessive operating expenses, while improving technician safety in the field and optimizing recourse to emergency/outage situations.  With StreetEagle, business managers have the tools and resources needed to:

  • Real-time accountability of your mobile workforce 
  • Respond to emergencies/outages efficiently and in real-time 
  • Improve workforce safety in the field by immediately notifying dispatch in case of emergency with integrated panic button 
  • Optimize scheduling and routing, managed and facilitated through StreetEagle Dispatch 
  • Reduce technician downtime and improve productivity 
  • Eliminate unauthorized use, unauthorized routes, stops, night and weekend driving 
  • Increase your insurance safety rating and reduce expensive premiums 
  • Increase customer satisfaction with work order arrival/departure reports and alerts 
  • Cut operating expenses by monitoring excessive idling, speeding, long stops, and route inefficiencies
  • Eliminate downtime and unforeseen repairs with scheduled maintenance alerts and reports 
  • Manage your fleet on your OWN network for optimum service and coverage

Recommended Products

Integration Partner

  • Quintrex Data Systems Corp. has provides communications companies with a comprehensive billing/OSS application. Encompassing Billing, Customer Care, Marketing, Plant, Financial, Workforce, Fleet & Business Intelligence Solutions for the Quad Play, Quintrex offers a powerful, integrated system. The top-notch Marketing applications facilitate effective up-selling, customer retention and market penetration campaigns while Workforce & Fleet Management systems make maximizing mobile assets with efficient time and resource management easy.  Simplify report creation and data analysis with the Data Mining & Reports Generator and further save time and streamline operations with the Bi-Directional Mapping Interface and Automated Provisioning & Audit programs.

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