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Liquid Waste

Liquid Waste GPS Tracking

Drastically improve your bottom line, eliminate your inefficiencies, and ensure five-star customer service by providing accountability and assurances to you and your customers.  With StreetEagle, business managers have the tools and resources needed to:

  • Ensure “proof of service” 
  • Resolve customer disputes with documented activity reports 
  • Validate employee time sheets and reduce unnecessary overtime costs 
  • Cut operating expenses by reducing excessive idling and route inefficiencies 
  • Monitor adherence to scheduled waste collections 
  • Optimize scheduling and routing, managed and facilitated through StreetEagle Dispatch 
  • Reduce speeding and improve driver safety 
  • Improve customer satisfaction with on-time servicing

Recommended Products

Integration Partner

  • Clear Computing provides management software solutions to service delivery companies, such as the waste and sanitation industries, fuel delivery and more.

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