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Posted on Wed Jan 16, 2013

From time to time, every professional who manages a fleet of service vehicles will hear at least one of these complaints:

  • Your driver never showed up with my delivery.
  • Your service tech was supposed to be here between two and four, but no one ever came.
  • The bus was two hours late to my stop again!

The problem is your drivers swear they were where they were supposed to be, and on time no less. But unless you can prove it, you’re going to be issuing unnecessary refunds and re-doing unnecessary work.

 You can eliminate the guesswork of disproving false customer complaints. Learn how here.

Where Do You Get Your Metrics?

Every business owner has a set of metrics they use to determine how effective their workforce really is.

For fleet owners, the right metrics are a little harder to come by.

Here’s what you should be measuring and how you can get the right data.

Why Choose StreetEagle GPS Technology?

StreetEagle GPS tracking is an advanced tracking solution that provides real-time updates to your mobile workforce as well as leading-edge tracking tools for your fleet.

StreetEagle can help. Learn why StreetEagle GPS Tracking is the best solution..

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