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Posted on Wed Jan 16, 2013

Analyzing and managing the performance of a mobile workforce is a daunting challenge for every organization with a fleet.

Sure you have a tool or solution in place that helps you “guess” where your vehicles spent the day, “estimate” how much gas was used while idling, or “approximate” how much money was spent because the driver took a longer than needed route to the work location. But when you’re asked for hard numbers and a performance analysis, the hard truth is you just don’t know.

Now you can know.

Using GPS solutions to track and analyze fleet performance is the next generation of mobile workforce management. Discover all of the details you’ve been missing and more benefits to using this technology here.Learn how here.

Much More Than “Dots on a Map”

When GPS technology hit the market years ago it was groundbreaking. Even though dispatchers were supplied with little more than “dots on a map” it was the first time ever that they could see in real-time where their vehicles were. Here’s what you should be measuring and how you can get the right data.

The technology has evolved over the years and you might be surprised by how much beyond “dots on a map” it’s progressed. Check it out here.

Why Choose StreetEagle GPS Technology?

StreetEagle GPS tracking is an advanced tracking solution that provides real-time updates to your mobile workforce as well as leading-edge tracking tools for your fleet.

StreetEagle can help. Learn why StreetEagle GPS Tracking is the best solution..

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