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Optimize Your Purchase - StreetEagle Pro, Version 8 Online Training 

Posted on Wed Jun 26, 2013

Our software solutions are pretty cool. You already know that otherwise you wouldn’t have already purchased some to improve your mobile workforce operations.

What you might not know, though, is how to use all of the bells, whistles, features and functionality to really optimize the purchase you’ve made.

That’s why we’ve implemented weekly customer online training to ensure that you get the most out of your StreetEagle software. You get the benefits of visiting the StreetEagle office and getting a personal demonstration from one of our specialists, without ever having to leave your office.

These sessions are designed for new and seasoned StreetEagle users alike, but space is limited.

Sign up for one of our complimentary weekly training sessions here.

How Much is Accountability Costing You?

Actually, it's a lack of accountability that's costing the owners and managers of mobile workforces.

Since they’re not under constant supervision by their superiors, mobile workers can tend to develop bad habits. Some of them are harmless, but some can really start to add up in terms of operation costs and waste.

Find out which ones could be damaging your bottom line and how to introduce more effective mobile workforce accountability.

Why Choose StreetEagle GPS Technology?

StreetEagle GPS tracking is an advanced tracking solution that provides real-time updates to your mobile workforce as well as leading-edge tracking tools for your fleet.

StreetEagle can help. Learn why StreetEagle GPS Tracking is the best solution..

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