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Car 54, Where Are You And What Are You Doing? 

Posted on Wed Jun 26, 2013

In the sitcom "Car 54, Where Are You?" from the early 1960s, which featured two New York police officers and their patrol car, the department dispatch used a two-way radio to confirm the location and activities of its mobile workforce.

Technology has improved over the years but if you're still relying on cell phone conversations with your in-the-field employees to track their whereabouts and job statuses, then you might as well be living and working - in the past.

Sure, today's cell phones have tracking devices you can use to check and see if the verbal reports you're getting are accurate or not, but that's doing double-work and actually decreasing departmental efficiency when you're supposed to be increasing it, right?

The most efficient mobile workforces today are able to transfer important information like vehicle location and job details back to the head office in real-time. Here's how your workforce can do that too.

Would You Like Metrics With That?

Basic fleet tracking provides you with the necessary information to properly manage your mobile workforce, but not much else.

You need advanced metric data to be able to analyze your operations activity and make strategic decisions that can improve efficiencies, cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Here's how you get them.

The Connected Solution

StreetEagle is an advanced GPS tracking solution that provides real value and fast ROI. It offers real-time visibility to your mobile workforce by connecting dispatchers, mobile employees and customers.

Click to learn more about the StreetEagle Connected Solution.

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