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Efficient Communication For More Effective Dispatching 

Posted on Mon Sep 30, 2013

Communication between dispatch and a vehicle’s driver or technician is critical for smooth fleet operations. To cut transportation costs, drivers must use the most effective routes to save on time and fuel consumption. For increased visibility into a vehicle’s current location and status, it is important for the fleet manager know if the vehicle is en route, on location, in transit, parked, or idling.

Efficient operations hinge on real-time visibility into the current status of the job, location, and projected timeline. The ability to dispatch detailed job information directly to mobile employees with hands-free technology provides optimal safety for employees.

StreetEagle® is fully integrated with Garmin onboard messaging and navigation to enable reliable communication between your home office and mobile employees.

Satisfy Customers with Instant, Real-Time Information

Customers want answers, and they want them now. As the business owner or dispatcher, only a fast answer to the question “Where’s the truck?” will do. The solution must include complete visibility into the fleet process, as well as connections between the managers, the mobile crews, and the customers. With complete visibility into the fleet process, you can make the best operating decisions possible.

Through StreetEagle’s Garmin navigation units, you’ll have the ability to:

  • Connect managers and planners with field workers and vehicles
  • Manage all of the job information and job notes in one place
  • Provide job details to your workers in real-time to get the job done
  • Provide customers with transportation visibility via email

StreetEagle provides a considerable competitive advantage by enabling you to respond quickly and confidently to all customer inquiries.

Experience ROI with StreetEagle in Less than Four Months

StreetEagle Delivers Rapid ROI by Maximizing Fleet Efficiency

  • Lowers operating costs by reducing miles driven and time spent moving from job to job, and by optimizing employee time throughout the day through efficient routing.
  • Reduces overtime expenses by streamlining timesheets, validating and verifying employee activities in the field.
  • Decreases equipment and employee downtime through visibility and prevention of unforeseen maintenance repairs.

StreetEagle optimizes the management and maintenance processes to maximize ROI in less than four months.

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