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Tightening the Belt: How a Loose Fleet Expands Your Budget 

Posted on Mon Sep 30, 2013

In order to lower fleet operating costs, the time and fuel needed to accomplish deliveries must be shrunk to fit the most efficient parameters.

The high cost of fuel makes route optimization essential for shaving costs. How much fuel is being lost to missed turns and backtracking? Do drivers in your fleet run personal errands during deliveries? Are vehicles idling excessively in traffic that could have been avoided? Do drivers speed to make up for lost time? Curtail fuel waste and risk with the answers to these questions and more.

Lower fleet operating costs on every route with StreetEagle®'s advanced tracking technology.

Information and Communication are Essential to Profitability

Successful management of a mobile workforce hinges on accurate information and quality communication. Connect drivers, dispatchers, and technicians in the field instantly for route updates, vehicle maintenance issues, and any other time-loss generators. Field questions from business owners with information from real-time delivery notifications. Validate time sheets with virtual eyes on employee whereabouts from the start to the end of each day.

Drive costs down with answer-yielding data. Retain customers with clear and ready responses. But most of all, increase profits through better understanding of your operation's strengths and weaknesses.

Achieve a more productive and profitable mobile workforce with StreetEagle's progressive tracking system.

When Everyone is Connected, Everyone Makes Smarter Decisions

StreetEagle GPS tracking is an advanced tracking solution that provides real-time updates to your mobile workforce as well as leading-edge tracking tools for your fleet.

Learn more about StreetEagle GPS Tracking.

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