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Verify Customer Service Levels with Real-Time Data 

Posted on Tue Nov 19, 2013

Service-oriented organizations will, at times, experience customer complaints. While customer grievances may or may not be valid, the burden to verify that services were provided rests on the organization. When a customer lodges a complaint with a company that relies on a mobile workforce, having GPS tracking information readily available to provide precise location and time data can help protect the company and its employees from misunderstandings.

GPS tracking technology can help:

  • Save time trying to figure out if, when, and where services were lost
  • Protect employees from misguided client complaints
  • Eliminate the need to refund or redo services that were actually completed

GPS tracking technology provides companies with the facts they need to protect themselves.

Report: Investing in Mobility Is the “Key Ingredient for Growth”

A brand new research report issued by Runzheimer International, a recognized leader in workforce mobility programs, highlighted a common characteristic among companies with high revenue growth: They invest more consistently in their mobile workforce than their peers.

Specifically, more than 85% of the respondents reported “improved employee productivity” after investing in mobile technology enhancements for their teams. The study covers topics of particular interest to service-based companies and organizations that depend on workers in the field, for example, “business vehicles” and “mobile device management.”

Investment in mobile technology is more than just a trend for field-based businesses. This investment is becoming essential to staying competitive and, according to the numbers, a key driver of revenue growth.

To learn more about the Runzheimer report, click here.

Transforming Driver Safety into Opportunity

When “cargo” consists of human beings in distress, driver safety isn’t just “nice to have.” Protecting patients comes first, but protecting your company’s reputation is also a very real concern. The key is being proactive about improving driver safety across your entire operation.

Based in New Jersey, one very busy medical transportation company—with a fleet of 130 vehicles—decided they needed to take steps towards preventing customer complaints by making sure that the potentially catastrophic impact of unsafe driving was eliminated before it became a problem. They did so by monitoring and measuring driver behavior using vehicle-tracking technology.

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