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Give Customers Their Day Back with GPS Tracking 

Posted on Wed Dec 04, 2013

When companies that deliver goods and services don't have GPS tracking, their customers pay the price. "Your technician will arrive between 9:00am and 5:00pm" is not something any customer wants to hear, yet it's an industry standard.

Luckily, there's a solution that gives customers their day back—and creates brand loyalty in the process. Click here to learn what it is.

Free Aberdeen Report Links Optimized Field Service to Customer Satisfaction

According to new research conducted by the Aberdeen Group, a customer satisfaction rate of 90% or more corresponds to 6.1% service revenue growth and 3.7% overall revenue growth annually. It seems logical—excellent service leads to customer retention and more profits. But how can you provide that level of service at your organization?

Download the free report to find out.

InSight in Action: Creating New Solutions Through Custom Integration

Mobile operations must continually measure certain data to gauge their efficiency and efficacy. Data gathered via standard GPS tracking systems can partially illuminate the picture, but it can also require tweaks and adjustments to accurately measure productivity.

One Boston-area paratransit organization with a 107-vehicle fleet worked with its fleet management provider to develop a custom maintenance monitoring solution with back-end integration that ended up benefiting both companies.

Read more about their story.

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