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Tricks and Tips Newsletter - May 2010 

Posted on Sat May 01, 2010

StreetEagle Trick of the Month

StreetEagle Summary Reports vs Single Vehicle Reports

When you want to get a quick snapshot of potential problem areas, don't waste your time pulling multiple reports when the StreetEagle Summary Reports will provide you with multiple vehicle information on ONE Report. By selecting the vehicles you wish to include or your entire fleet, these reports save you valuable time. The following are a list of our StreetEagle Summary Reports available:

  • Complete Activity Summary
  • State-by-State Fuel Tax Summary
  • GeoAnalysis Summary
  • Speeding Summary (NEW)
  • Stopped/Idling Summary
  • Virtual TimeClock Summary

StreetEagle Tip of the Month

Do you know when your drivers/vehicles start their day? With the new “First Movement of the Day” alert, you can know instantly. Alerts can be set up to notify you via e-mail and/or text message. Use this feature to verify when your drivers start their day.

The First Movement of the Day” alert is now available in the latest version of StreetEagle Professional and can be found by clicking on the Geofencing & Alerts button the thresholds are within the “Motion” tab.

This feature is available in StreetEagle version 7.0

Advanced Feature of the Month

Garmin FMI v2 Integration Users – "Quick Messages" from the Field

Become instantly notified when a driver in the field sends a Garmin "Quick Message.” With the latest version of StreetEagle, Garmin enabled users will have the ability to receive a StreetEagle pop-up message when a Garmin "Quick Message" is sent to dispatch – this feature is only available when StreetEagle Professional is running.

This feature can be disabled if you do not want pop-ups to disturb you when working within StreetEagle.

User Suggestion of the Month

A Fleet owner (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent in a user suggestion that could benefit many different industries. Soon you will be able to click and drag an existing location icon to refine the exact latitude/longitude of the location. Some examples of its use is when you have an address of a large college campus, shopping mall, or apartment complex and need a more refined location of the exact job location.

We really appreciate all of the suggestions that were submitted and encourage you to keep the suggestions coming!

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Let InSight USA know what we can do to make StreetEagle better for you. Is there a feature you wish we had in our system but have not had the chance to let us know? Now is your chance!! Simply click here to provide us with your suggestion.

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