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Tricks and Tips Newsletter - July 2010 

Posted on Thu Jul 01, 2010

StreetEagle Trick of the Month

StreetEagle Virtual Time Clock Summary Report

Do you want a quick way to view where your vehicles/employees spend their time throughout the day, week, or month? With the Virtual Time Clock Summary Report, now you can. This report allows you to view specific vehicles or your entire fleet and the location types they spend their time.

View a sample Virtual Time Clock Summary Report!

StreetEagle Tip of the Month

Vehicle Maintenance Module

Are you taking advantage of the Vehicle Maintenance Module? This is a great tool that automatically updates you or your managers with scheduled vehicle maintenance reminders. With unlimited scheduled maintenance profile definitions for oil changes, tire rotaions, inspections, etc. you never have to wonder when the last time your vehicles were serviced.

Advanced Feature of the Month

Garmin Integration Users – Complete Activity Report with Garmin Driver Status Communication

The StreetEagle Complete Activity Report now includes Garmin Driver Status Communication, this allows StreetEagle users to pull one report with complete vehicle activity including vehicle stops, parks, in-transits, speeding events, idling, and driver status and communications.

User Suggestion of the Month

A Fleet owner (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent in a user suggestion that could benefit many different industries. Soon you will be able to receive an alert when a vehicle in your fleet has been sitting at one location for an extended period of time. The "Long Stop Alert" allows you to set a predefined stop time for your vehicles and if one of them exceeds this stop time an alert will be automatically sent.

We really appreciate all of the suggestions that were submitted and encourage you to keep the suggestions coming!

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