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Helpful Features and Functions of the StreetEagle GPS - January 2012 

Posted on Sun Jan 01, 2012

Happy New Year to all of our customers and business associates! We look forward to another great year of innovation and growth at StreetEagle. As we all work to streamline our business functions and get more organized, we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to some helpful features and functions of the StreetEagle GPS line of products and services. Our team at InSight continues to strive to be an innovative leader in GPS tracking, so we are constantly evolving and enhancing our product line. Customer feedback is a crucial part of the process. We greatly appreciate all the suggestions and comments that you’ve provided, and look forward to more constructive feedback moving into 2012.


The Insight Team

StreetEagle Barcoding

StreetEagle Barcoding provides fleet managers with real-time monitoring of individual assets and equipment in the field. When servicing, delivering, or picking up assets, the technician quickly scans an asset’s barcode with StreetEagle’s wireless bar code scanner. StreetEagle Barcoding allows fleet managers to provide proof of service, eliminate the loss of individual assets, verify current location of assets, track asset activity, and manage inventory of deliverable assets.

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A little known job analysis feature of StreetEagle Professional is Geoanalysis Reporting. This analysis tool allows you to determine the amount of time that was spent at a certain location over a period of time. With analysis by vehicle or by fleet, this report provides you with indisputable information for accurate billing and job cost analysis.

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StreetEagle Integration Services

Does your business or organization use a service-dispatch software package? Did you know that StreetEagle integrates with a wide variety of popular back office software systems? StreetEagle Integration Services make it easy for your software provider to integrate GPS tracking, automated dispatching, and GPS Work Management into their system. By consolidating the advanced capabilities of StreetEagle into your business management software, you’re able to take your business processes to the next level. contact us today to learn more about how to take advantage of StreetEagle Integration Services.

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