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GPS Tracking Solutions for your business, no matter the size - May 2012 

Posted on Tue May 01, 2012

This month we are pleased to announce the launch of our new StreetEagle apps for mobile devices. These powerful apps will let you take StreetEagle on-the-go with you like never before. Also, did you know that GPS Tracking can save you money with some insurance companies? Read more about these and other hot topics in this month's edition of the StreetEagle Newsletter.


Garmin Dispatch

Automatically update status with new Garmin Dispatch feature

StreetEagle's Garmin Dispatch module now features an auto-status option. The Garmin will automatically set the status for the driver in specific situations such as "In Transit", "On Location" and "Job Completed". This feature ensures accuracy in time reporting and alleviates extra steps for the drivers as well as dispatchers. To have this innovative feature added free-of-charge, contact StreetEagle customer service department.

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Corporate Brochure

Introducing a brand new corporate brochure

We've updated our product brochure to reflect the latest features and benefits for our customers and future customers. Check out the new brochure online for detailed information on our product and feature offerings. Be sure you are utilizing StreetEagle to its full potential!

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Insurance Premiums

GPS Tracking can lower your Insurance Premiums

StreetEagle GPS Tracking can not only save you money on fuel, but with utilization of all the features, it can lead to lowered insurance rates. StreetEagle monitors driving habits of your employees, which encourages your drivers to practice safer driving habits. GPS Tracking gives insurance companies peace of mind that the chance of recovery of a stolen vehicle is increased which can lead to a reduction in premiums. Use of the alert system can inform you immediately if the vehicle moves during non-business hours. StreetEagle's maintenance module encourages stricter adherence to the recommended maintenance schedules which means safer vehicles in your fleet. Installing and utilizing GPS tracking for fleet management shows that you care about your vehicles and your drivers. Contact your insurance company to find out how you can save money.

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