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Get Fuels Costs under Control with StreetEagle - March 2012 

Posted on Thu Mar 01, 2012

Fuel prices are starting to rise again and managing the expense of fuel is on the minds of all companies with a fleet of vehicles. Whether you have one vehicle or 1,000, it is crucial to get the best fuel economy for every vehicle in your fleet. GPS tracking has become a necessity in controlling these expenditures. To ensure that you are utilizing your StreetEagle fleet tracking system to its potential, we would like to highlight fuel savings features in this edition. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Garmin Dispatch

Get Fuels Costs under Control with StreetEagle

The national average for regular unleaded gas is reaching $3.74, and prices at the pump have become difficult for the average business with a fleet of vehicles. For many small businesses, it is likely that fuel prices are eating into profits. With gas prices predicted to reach $5.00 by the summer, it is critical that companies get their fuel dependency under control.

StreetEagle GPS can ensure minimum fuel consumption by improving dispatch and routing, optimize maintenance schedules and eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage. Companies that utilize all the features of StreetEagle can reduce their fuel usage by up to 15%, saving their company hard earned cash.

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Tracking Report

Five Great Reports to Manage Fuel Usage

Idling Report – Unnecessary idling can waste a ½ gallon of fuel an hour decreasing the vehicles MPG rating. This report highlights excessive vehicles to manage this wasteful practice. An Idling Alert will give you real–time idling situations so they can be easily managed.

Speeding Report – Identify when vehicles have traveled above the speed threshold pre-set by you. Slowing down just 10 mph can increase fuel economy by 15%. The Speeding Alert can be set up to alert you to every speeding situation so you can handle it as it happens.

Maintenance Report – Manage maintenance items on your fleet. Maintained vehicles offer the highest MPG usage.

After Hours Usage – Instantly determine if there is unauthorized use of vehicles in your fleet.

Complete Activity Report – Ensure that actual vehicle usage matches work requirements for a vehicle. Errors can be resolved and prevented, leading to fuel savings.

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Garmin Dispatch

Manage Your Individual Vehicles Fuel Consumption with Garmin

Garmin offers an innovative feature called ECO Route to assist in fuel management. Enter your vehicle profile and the current fuel price and your Garmin will calculate your vehicle’s average fuel economy, your carbon footprint and the cost of the fuel. Drivers and fleet managers can use the data from ECO Route to actually help you improve driving habits and get more miles from a tank of gas.

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