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Achieve a Productive Profitable Mobile Workforce


StreetEagle helps businesses with their mobile workforce management in a lot of ways. One business challenge that a lot of companies face is not really knowing what their employees are doing out in the field. StreetEagle connects dispatchers and business owners to their technicians in the field almost as if they were employees working in the office. They know when they begin work in the morning, when they leave for the day, and all the activity in between. They can gauge performance and productivity using StreetEagle.

There are a few specific factors to consider. One factor is timesheets. StreetEagle enables you to validate employee timesheets. The second factor is knowing that your employees arrive on time at their jobs just like you would if they were in the office and showed up to a meeting 45 minutes late. StreetEagle keeps them accountable. It keeps them on time, and in turn, it keeps the customers happy. Lastly, StreetEagle actually benefits the drivers and technicians in the field in many ways. It helps them communicate back and forth with dispatch, it serves as a routing system to be able to efficiently navigate from job to job, and it provides a communications link needed for efficiency and connectivity between back office and mobile employees.

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