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Driver Behavior

Detailed insight into individual and fleet-wide driver performance

Costly aggressive driving practices go well beyond speeding - but to see the full picture of how your fleet really behaves on the road, you need greater granularity in your data. Fortunately, StreetEagle's Driver Behavior Monitoring report set delivers exactly that, and provides you with the information you need to define and maintain company-wide safety standards.

These valuable reports provide you with the information you need to ensure compliance with company driving safety standards, protect your company's reputation and save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

Information you need to define and maintain company-wide safety standards.
  • Benefit from more detail and clarity than other "driver scorecards"
  • Know instantly when, and where, speeding and idle time violations occur
  • Receive alerts on mobile devices or office PCs for unsafe driving practices such as speeding, hard braking, sudden acceleration and fast cornering
  • Compare vehicle speeds to posted speed limits, to make sure drivers aren’t risking accidents on residential and secondary roads
  • Set specific thresholds for data collection, depending on your unique vehicle types and business requirements
  • Use accurate, real-time data to define and maintain organizational driving safety standards
  • Compare performance of individual drivers to overall fleet averages

For more information on StreetEagle's Driver Behavior monitoring solutions, contact us.

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