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Electronic Logbooks

A completely paperless, compliant Hours of Service
solution that drivers love

InSight has partnered with Verigo Inc., the company that first brought electronic driver logs to market back in 2006, to provide a completely paperless and automated way for your mobile employees to log and monitor their driving time.

Implementing an electronic solution for logging driver hours will not only make your organization compliant with the coming Federal Hours of Service (HoS) requirements, but will also provide time-saving convenience and accurate records for your drivers, with very little effort on their part.

Drivers can submit Hours of Service data painlessly, using any smart device.

Benefits for your drivers include:

  • Eliminating time spent manually logging hours in paper logbooks
  • Automatic and accurate recording of HoS data, whenever they need it (in case of audits or inspections)
  • Convenience of logging hours and data using a smartphone app
  • No calculations – the solution logs and displays your time for you
  • Simple push of a button records a change in status
  • Ability to edit unsigned log entries before they are submitted

Benefits for safety supervisors and managers include:

  • Simple, web-based back end management portal allows access to all records at once
  • Ability to create new users and give data access to drivers as needed
  • View driver’s current status as seen in the truck, or from historical data
  • Integrates seamlessly with StreetEagle for accurate GPS data
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