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StreetEagle GPS Fleet Tracking

Advanced GPS Tracking Solutions for Real Business Insight

StreetEagle Professional contains a powerful combination of the most advanced GPS fleet tracking systems and features available. Features include:

  • Real-Time Tracking

    Real-time GPS vehicle tracking reports provide you with detailed vehicle information to improve your business operations.
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  • Mapping

    Integrated with multiple mapping options, StreetEagle is the only GPS fleet tracking solution that allows users to choose the mapping software of their choice.
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  • Locations

    StreetEagle enables users to take control of job location information and maximize efficiency of tracking each individual job site.
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  • History

    StreetEagle's History feature allows users to replay and validate the route history of any mobile workforce vehicles.
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  • Fleet Status

    The StreetEagle Fleet Status Monitor provides users with a quick and easy way to view the location and engine status of their entire fleet.
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  • Reporting

    StreetEagle dramatically extends the power of GPS fleet tracking with the most comprehensive, high detail reporting options available in the industry today.
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  • Alerts & Notifications

    StreetEagle instantly alerts you when it detects a predefined condition that requires an immediate response.
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  • Administration

    The administration feature allows you to control all StreetEagle features so that appropriate users can have access to the specific data.
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  • Route Optimization

    StreetEagle’s route optimization gives GPS vehicle tracking dispatchers the tools needed to cut operating costs, reduce fuel expenses, and boost productivity.
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  • Messaging

    With StreetEagle, GPS fleet tracking dispatchers are able to reach their employees through various modes of communication.
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  • Maintenance

    StreetEagle’s automated vehicle maintenance provides fleet managers with a hands-free reminder of scheduled vehicle maintenance events.
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  • Sensor Monitoring

    StreetEagle intelligence provides the following real-time “Proof of Service” by monitoring sensors and critical access points on your vehicle.
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