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Vital Intelligence about Your Mobile Workforce

StreetEagle dramatically extends the power of GPS tracking with the most comprehensive, high detail reporting options available in the industry today. StreetEagle reporting provides a flexible, powerful, and strategic intelligence platform to manage and maintain any mobile workforce.

The most comprehensive, high detail reporting options available in the industry.


  • Complete Activity Report* – Access overviews of complete vehicle activity throughout the day including vehicle stops, parks, in-transits, speeding events, idling, driver status, and communications
  • Vehicle Idling Report* – View vehicle idle time to reduce fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Vehicle Speeding Report* – Monitor fleet speeding events to increase driver safety.
  • Geographic Analysis Report* – View vehicle arrival/departure times from a specific location or geo-fence.
  • Vehicle Usage Report – View the vehicle usage of your mobile workforce.
  • State-by-State Fuel Tax Mileage Report* – Accurately verify mileage in each state traveled.
  • Vehicle Park/Stop Report – View the locations where your vehicles have stopped or parked.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management Report – View the vehicles scheduled for routine maintenance.
  • Inactive Vehicle Report – View the vehicles that have been "inactive" for a specified amount of time.
  • PTO Sensor/Proof of Service Report – Accurately verify service has been completed and resolve customer disputes.
  • Job Time Report* – Detailed listing of all time spent at known job sites.
  • Collection Report – Determine which collections have been completed and which remain incomplete.
  • Virtual Time Clock Report* – Confirm actual hours worked by your mobile workforce.
  • Detailed Vehicle Report and Fleet Summary Report – View other critical information for managing your fleet.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring Reports – Measure unsafe driving practices like speeding, hard braking, fast cornering and more on an individual or fleet-wide level.
  • After Hours Usage Report – Keep accurate track of who is driving which company vehicles outside of normal work hours.
  • Fuel Tax Reports – Details miles driven in individual states for fuel tax reporting purposes.
  • Asset History Report – Provides a detailed account on a mobile asset's locations and status during a specific time frame.

* Both detailed vehicle report and fleet summary report.

Report Auto Scheduler

Schedule to have any of the management reports e-mailed daily, weekly, or monthly, directly to your e-mail inbox or web-enabled hand-held device.

For more information regarding StreetEagle Tracking Solutions, contact us.

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