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KPI Dashboard

Distill your critical fleet data into a single view to
evaluate inefficiencies, risks, vehicle-related costs and more

StreetEagle’s KPI Dashboard compiles valuable, real-time mobile work data and allows you to configure the display according to your own business needs and priorities.

From basic vehicle metrics such as driving time, mileage, speeding and idling to more advanced analytics like driver behavior events and fuel usage, the Dashboard reveals driving performance on an individual or company-wide level whenever you need it – and automatically tracks the data for trending and benchmarking.

Dashboard reveals driving performance on an individual or company-wide level.

The KPI Dashboard provides business insight into:

  • Overall utilization of fleet vehicles including mileage, runtime, travel time, and more
  • Driver behavior events to evaluate your fleet’s overall road safety, and identify the riskiest drivers
  • Seeding activity across your entire fleet
  • Idling activity to identify wasted fuel and unnecessary runtime
  • Monitor trends to see improvements (or lack thereof) in acceleration, hard braking, idling, speeding, and cornering
  • Measure trending performance by an entire fleet, group of vehicles, or individual

For more information regarding StreetEagle’s KPI Dashboard, contact us.

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