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Connecting public transit ridership, operators and managers in

InSight and Passio Technologies one of the nation’s leading providers of innovative fixed-route transit solutions, have partnered to deliver real-time visibility into any fixed-route bus system.

Using the StreetEagle Transit solution, transit providers can give their passengers the convenience of real-time bus locations, ETAs and alerts to keep them informed of delays or other important driving conditions. Mobile apps also give transit ridership instant visibility on the go, making it easy to see when their next bus is due to arrive.

Provides real-time bus tracking information.

The Transit solution ensures:

  • Accurate arrival ETA to ridership
  • Improved adherence to route schedules
  • Reduced vehicle operating and fuel expenses
  • Improved dispatch for efficient routing
  • Enhanced customer service for passengers
  • Advanced communication between drivers and managers
  • Improved bus driving safety

StreetEagle Transit can also be integrated with other Passio Technologies products such as:

  • BusBuzz – a service for passengers to provide feedback to improve overall bus service.
  • IncroMaxx – passenger counting solutions using in-vehicle smart devices
  • Swipe & Tap – RFID passenger identification and access validation
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