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StreetEagle Utility

Mobile and barcoding technology to seamlessly manage assets

In today's multi-faceted mobile work environment, you have to be ready to manage a lot more than just vehicle location. For operations that depend on utility vehicles, equipment and other mobile assets to get their work done, keeping tracking of their location, status and usage history is critical for maximizing service efficiency.

SE Utility offers a clear picture of not only where your critical mobile assets are, but whether they're being managed the way you need them to be. This powerful smartphone app equips field workers with far more than simple asset locations on a map – it also leverages barcode technology to enable field workers to scan any asset and communicate to the office critical activity and inventory data.

  • Instantly report location/status of field equipment using a smartphone or tablet
  • Easily manage inventory of field assets
  • Track asset service, pickup, deliveries and returns to warehouse
  • Provide field workers with visibility into field asset locations/statuses
  • View all assets at once in real-time on a map
  • Review activity history of any asset

For more information on StreetEagle's barcoding and asset management solution for utilities contact us.

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