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Custom Forms

Empower field workers to generate and transmit critical job information

No matter what type of work your employees in the field are responsible for, StreetEagle makes it possible for them to generate and electronically submit custom-made forms to capture and communicate critical job information. Our worker productivity app includes a custom forms tool that allows them to include information such as:

  • Checkbox, Checklist, option list
  • Text, number, currency entry
  • Date, time, location stamp
  • Images and signature capture
  • Barcode/NFC scan
Your mobile workers can customize information fields, capture signature and images and more.

With these tools immediately accessible to them through an Android mobile device, your field-based employees will now be able to:

  • Attach information to an assigned job
  • Create and submit a customized form on the fly
  • Provide proof of on-site service/delivery/inspection
  • Send critical information electronically to the back office
  • Transition to a more efficient, paperless workflow

Submitted custom forms are location, date, and time-tagged for further validation and proof of service. StreetEagle provides managers with a series of comprehensive reports that can be white-labeled and tied to customer invoices.

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