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InterComm® Voice Messaging

Safe, OTR-compliant communications without picking up a phone

InterComm is a simple and safe voice messaging tool that field-based and office workers can use to keep in touch in real time. This two-way, walkie-talkie style solution includes hands-free devices that can be safely used even as your workers operate vehicles – making it a perfect choice for immediate one-to-one or group communication that won’t disrupt your workflow.

Simple, affordable two-way voice messaging for your mobile employees.

Provide your employees with safe, OTR-compliant voice messaging to:

  • Communicate between workers and dispatchers at any time
  • Broadcast voice messages to worker groups or the entire mobile workforce
  • Track conversations between your entire mobile workforce
  • Stay in touch with other workers or the back office safely while driving, with hands-free devices
  • Avoid phone-related driving distractions that cause accidents

NOTE: InterComm is available for Android-powered devices only.

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