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StreetEagle Transit for Live Bus Tracking

Technology That Keeps Your Riders Informed and Drivers On-Time

Transit by StreetEagle is the next generation transit technology that provides the real-time bus tracking information needed to:

  • Enhance Your Riders Overall Experience
  • Empower Your Drivers
  • Give Your Managers The Visibility They Need
Provides real-time bus tracking information.
Transit Mobile

  • View live bus locations on a detailed map right on their Smartphone or tablet
  • See expected arrival times for their bus
  • Find the closest bus stop to their location
  • Be advised of any service changes to their route

Transit Text Messaging
Riders without Smartphones can send a quick text message to see the expected arrival time of their bus at any stop. Enhance your Riders’ transit experience by adding text messaging numbers to existing signage, bus cards, and other transit collateral. Within seconds, Transit will reply with a text message providing, name/ID of arriving bus and expected arrival time to their bus stop

Transit Viewer
With Transit Viewer, your Riders can easily see:

  • Next bus to arrive
  • Each route, named and color-coded
  • Multiple routes and views, displayed at a predefined sequence and interval
  • Points of interest, bus stops, and custom reference landmarks


Driver Route Assignments
Allow your Drivers to help automate your route assignments. Using a common Garmin
NAV unit, Drivers can:

  • Select which route they are servicing
  • Switch route assignments on the fly
  • Ease the burden on dispatch and operations

Two-Way Driver Communication
Two-way messaging keeps Drivers and Dispatchers on the same page. With live bus tracking connected wirelessly to your Drivers’ Garmin NAV unit, you can:

  • Send messages relaying schedule and/or route changes
  • Broadcast important information to your entire fleet
  • Notify Drivers of system-wide emergencies, and how to respond
  • Receive messages from Drivers, indicating adverse transit conditions
  • Automatically notify Drivers of spacing issues


Real-Time Tracking and Adherence Monitoring
Transit's real-time tracking provides management and Riders with the live location of every bus in your fleet. With ten second location and status updates, you have the vital real-time information needed to ensure your bus operations are running smoothly.

Route Builder Design Tool
Transit allows bus system Operators to customize bus routes and landmark information on publically viewed maps.

  • Control routes, stops, landmark graphics, and textual information on maps
  • Define map sequences and intervals to be displayed to Riders

For more information regarding StreetEagle Transit, please contact us.

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