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The StreetEagle VTU Troubleshooting Guide

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The StreetEagle tracking unit has 4 LED's

  • Constant Power - on all the time
  • Ignition Power - turns on and off with the ignition
  • Cell - turns on when cell signal is acquired
  • GPS - turns on when GPS signal is acquired

Troubleshooting the StreetEagle tracking unit should be done with the vehicle on. All four lights should be lit up during proper operation.



Power LED is not lit

Verify that the red wire is connected to constant power.

No ignition LED

Verify the silver wire is not connected to a switch power source

Cell light is not on

Check for proper installation of the antenna.
Verify that the data account is active.

GPS light is not lit

Verify that the GPS antenna has a clear view of the sky.
Verify that the GPS antenna is connected to the tracking unit

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